Websites, Excel, MS Access, Wordpress, VB, C#, Database

We design and build websites

Ensure a responsive site that will display intelligently on your large desktop screen or your smart phone.

Create special features for your site. Custom features eliminate service calls, provide real-time information to your customers, make it easier for your customers to use your services, and save money.

Computer Consulting

We provide a bridge between technology and your small business needs.

We can provide advice, implementation, ongoing administration or any combination. Shopping carts, appointment systems, store locators, and other apps that make your business run more smoothly.

Microsoft Access and VB6

New MS Access development and legacy Visual Basic 6 application maintenance.

Microsoft SQL Server

MS SQL Server development and implementation.


Crystal Reports, MS SQL Server Reporting Services, and other technologies to help you monitor your benchmarks.

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November 21: What can Facebook do about fake news?

Zuckerberg reveals plans to address misinformation on Facebook

He’d been dismissive about the reach of misinformation on Facebook, saying that false news accounted for less than one percent of all the posts on the social..

November 07: Google is now testing ranking websites by their mobile version, not their desktop version. If you have less content on your mobile version, be aware.

SEO trends: Google search goes mobile-first; here’s how websites will be ranked from now

Search engine Google is arguably one of the most influencing technologies in the world of today, so even a small change affects a lot of businesses and people. Google, in one of the most experimental yet relevant changes in recent times, will now test a new ’mobile-first’ version while indexing sear...

Web tips for better websites

When is it time to update your website?

Is it time to update your website? Check these three items to see if now is the time.

  • Can your website be viewed easily on your phone or tablet as well as on your computer? If not, you are missing out. More than half of traffic to major websites is now on mobile devices and growing.
  • Are you cross promoting your website with your social media? Does your website ask for a "like" for your Facebook Business page? If you have two or more stand alone digital strategies, it's time to integrate them. Posts and events to Facebook can feed your website. If you don't use social media, you are missing opportunities as many people use social media to search.
  • Does your site just look old and out-of-date? Design trends affect websites just like all other media. You wouldn't send out an advertisement that was designed in the '60s. Your website can look dated too.