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Websites or web apps: Responsive web designs. Your website will display intelligently on your large desktop screen or your smart phone. Get a custom web app that runs equally well from your desktop or mobile device. Try this site on your smart phone.

Explore Web Apps for your website or smart phone: Custom Web Apps eliminate service calls, provide real-time information to your customers, make it easier for your customers to use your services, and save money.

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September 26: Taking another look at Edge.
Here's how Microsoft is using containerization to protect Edge users
Microsoft is aiming to better protect users and organizations from the threats that they face in the browser with a new feature called Windows Defender Application Guard. It’s designed to isolate Microsoft Edge from the rest of the files and processes running on a user’s computer and prevent compute...

Microsoft Access and VB6: New MS Access development and legacy Visual Basic 6 application maintenance.

Microsoft SQL Server: MS SQL Server development and implementation.

Reporting: Crystal Reports, MS SQL Server Reporting Services, and other technologies to help you monitor your benchmarks.

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