Microsoft Access & VB6

New Development - MS Access

Today Data & Web Services can develop a custom MS Access database for you, a company department, or your entire firm that will feature a robust and easy to use interface, rock solid data storage, manipulation, and retrieval, and user-friendly reports. Why choose MS Access? It is a first-class tool for customers looking for rapid development at a low cost. MS Access is ideal for a single user application to store, manipulate, and report on important company data. In addition, by incorporating MS SQL Server, or another database system of your choice, it can be much more. MS Access can allow your entire office to collaborate via a familiar interface over your network. Numerous companies utilize MS Access and MS SQL Server to develop everything from simple organizational record keeping tools to more sophisticated Customer Relationship Management and Enterprise Resource Planning systems.

Sample MS Access Development

Enhance, Troubleshoot Existing Products - MS Access

We can enhance your current MS Access system by adding new functionality, fixing broken features, and improving application and database efficiency. In addition, we fully support legacy VB6 components that need to be maintained or enhanced.

Database Enhancements

Database applications are often expanded to meet new business needs. If you have additional database processing requirements, including stored procedures, triggers, and views, we can provide these services.

Enhance, Troubleshoot Existing Products - Visual Basic 6

Do you have a VB6 application that doesn't run on the latest Windows operating system? Do you have 3rd party controls that used to work, but now, mysteriously, do not? Do you simply need to update or add new features in your VB6 application? We can handle all of this for you.

Did you know that, at one time, Visual Basic 6 was the most popular programming language in the world. As a matter of fact, during its heyday, there was more classic Visual Basic code written and running than any other code around. When Microsoft transitioned developers out of COM/DCOM to .Net, most new Visual Basic development work transitioned as well. However, there are still thousands of companies running legacy Visual Basic 6 programs, who still need their application functionality, but do not want to rewrite everything in a new language.

Unfortunately, Microsoft, and other 3rd party vendors, have made this difficult. Windows XP was the last operating system ideally suited for VB6 programs. If you are running a more recent version of a Windows operating system, you will need either a Virtual Machine, XP Mode, or Compatibility Mode to run and/or maintain your Visual Basic 6 applications. Worse yet, you may find that your VB6 programs were written with 3rd party controls, many of which closed their doors years ago or no longer support legacy products. Without the original 3rd party control software, which may have been lost, any tweaks you want to make to your code cannot be compiled.

Do not worry though. We are experts with Visual Basic 6 and related 3rd party controls. If you need help with a legacy VB6 app, whether it is a simple update and recompile of the code, or if you need help finding a now non-existent 3rd party control, or if you need assistance transitioning from old 3rd party controls to something better, we can do it all.