Rates for Web, Database and Reporting Solutions

Today Data & Web Services offers various competitive pricing options to meet your needs. You can pay by the hour, choose a fixed project bid, hire one of our consultants as a short to long term on-site technical resource, or choose a hybrid option.

Fixed Price Bids:

A small risk premium is added to fixed bid projects. Fixed price bids are ideal for customers who:
  • Need to be able to submit a budget to a manager for specific results
  • Have a clear idea of the business outcomes that they want.
  • Want the security that is provided by the fixed bid process. If we run into technical roadblocks, you will not pay extra for the time we spend to mitigate these issues.


Rates typically range from $75 to $125 per hour for shorter term projects. Hourly projects are ideal for customers who:
  • Have a variety of smaller tasks that they want completed, where setting a quote for each individual item is cumbersome.
  • Have unspecified or unknown requirements. We will walk through your business and IT needs with you and help you determine which processes will fulfill your system specifications.
  • Have ongoing technical requirements as your business grows.

Important Pricing Note:

While we are experts at the IT services we offer, most projects still require a learning curve for some of the technologies needed to properly design a system that fully meets the customer's needs. Unlike some IT consulting companies, we do not charge our customers for any time our consultants need to ramp up on technological requirements. You can be confident that any hours we bill you for are for actual implementation and not various learning curves.

Finally, we do not expect you to hire us to implement your IT needs without first having the opportunity to meet and interview any members of our team that will be implementing your project. After meeting the team members that will be involved, if you feel uncomfortable with our team in any way, you will not be obligated to work with us. Our success depends on our customer’s satisfaction. We only take projects where we feel we can succeed together.

Web hosting rates are found on the Today Web Host website.