Wordpress support and unique themes

Wordpress is a reliable and easy to use technology that you can use to write your own content pages. Let Today Data & Web Services generate a unique and attractive theme for your site and provide training for you to create and edit content pages as you need them.

Wordpress works best for those who make frequent changes to their site or who wish to publish a blog. Today Data & Web Services will find and install all the plugins you need to operate your site. We will also train you to use Wordpress and answer questions for the life of the site if you are also hosting with Today Data & Web Services.

Wordpress has a wide array of ready-made plugins that you can drop into your site with minimal configuration.

Slideshows, testimonial displays, social media plugins, polls, contact forms, blogs, and more.

Wordpress is not the best option for every site. Many sites that manage content, sell items, or have unique apps embedded, such as reservation systems, are better developed using traditional systems like .NET. Today Data & Web Services can meet your needs for these types of sites. We specialize in building data-driven sites. This includes job boards, document tracking, web-based data entry and search systems, event management, and other applications.

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