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Skip learning Photoshop and copy from your website directly to your PowerPoint


You don't need to recreate content that is already on your website to make wonderful PowerPoint presentations for your customers. Skip making screenshots and doing special editing in Photoshop or some editor you would rather not take the time to learn. Do it in one easy step with PowerPoint.

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You can copy selected content from your website directly and easily to your PowerPoint. This could include just a photo, a logo, some nicely formatted text, or any combination.

It's so easy. Here is how to do it.

Open your browser and navigate to your website and to the page from which you want to copy content. Then open your Power Point and create a new slide. From that point, click Insert > Screenshot > Screen Clipping. Immediately, you will be switched to your web page. The content on the web page will be grayed out with a large "plus sign" type cursor visible. Move this cursor to frame just the content that you want to include in your PowerPoint and then release. Your selected content will appear as an image in your Power Point slide that you can now move, expand, or make smaller and to which you can add more elements to finish your slide.

Happy PowerPointing!