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Facebook: Did you notice...?


Facebook decorates your newsfeed with stars and checkboxes and offers opportunities to take more actions by clicking horizontal elllpses, also known as dot-dot-dots.

Some of your Facebook friends have stars next to their Facebook posts. These are your BFFs on Facebook because Facebook sees that you are engaging with their posts and takes care to ensure that you never miss a post from them. But you can also designate who are your starry friends by clicking on the "down" arrow at the top of your newsfeed and selecting "Settings & Privacy", then "News Feed Preferences." After that, click "Manage Favorites." You will see all your favored friends labeled with a bright blue star. Click on additional friends to also prioritize them in your newsfeed.

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Some posts from businesses have arrow badges beside their names. Click and you will see that the public figure, media company, or brand is verified as authentic - a useful feature in the era of online deceit.

Facebook ads

For sponsored ads, you can click the ellipse to choose the option "Why am I seeing this ad?" An ad for Penn Station East Coast Subs is shown to me because I am 15 years old or older and my primary location is St. Louis, MO. It's possible that the offer valid through the end of the month is only valid for my area.

On the other hand, the company Virtual Office wants to be viewed by persons 18 years old and over who live in the United States and who may be similar to their customers. How does Facebook know if I am similar to Virtual Office's customers? One way, but not the sole way, is to match me with people who have previously "liked" the Virtual Office Facebook page or posts. I am matched considering the aggregate of my Facebook engagements with the those of these known friends of Virtual Office.

More Ranking Factors

Our newsfeeds are personalized to the nth degree. If you are someone who engages more with video, you will see more videos in your newsfeed. If a Facebook friend is tagged in a post, that post will gain ranking points toward hitting the top of your newsfeed. Newer posts always trump older posts. So, post your Facebook items during prime Facebook usage hours to get the most visibility.

News Readers

If you don't want what you to see to be contingent on Facebook's newest tweak of its algorithm, consider using a news reader like Feedly. You can almost always get similar content from your favorite businesses or personalities by subscribing on Feedly. Then you can see all their posts in chronological order.

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