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What is the easiest way to manage an email contact list for your team?


There are so many ways to send group emails now that we sometimes forget about the older, simpler ways to do it. Email sent using Mail Chimp, and similar services is a great way to contact customers and potential customers who have subscribed to your mailing list. And, of course, who needs email when we can communicate through social media like Facebook and Twitter? Yahoo Groups and Google Groups came before Facebook and Twitter and are still very effective.

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Are you using email client tools?

Despite all the new communication strategies, email is still the bedrock for communicating with your work team. Many people just CC or BCC each member of their team to send a group email.Other people will use the built-in group email capabilities of their email client. Your email client is the app that you use to view and compose email on your computer or other device. Perhaps you use the IPhone Mail app. Or maybe you use Outlook on your computer or other device.

These apps all provide useful ways to create contact groups for sending email. However, sharing these contact groups can be difficult and especially difficult when your team members use different email clients.

Creating your team list on the email server

Creating a group contact list is easiest when you can just create it on your email server. For example, create a contact list called and another list for These are technically called ListServs.

If you are hosting with Today Data & Web, you can go into your email manager and create a group list simply by logging into your account, clicking on "email", and then clicking the "New Mailing List" link. Give your group email a name and then add your team members' emails. It is ready to go. Whenever you, as a member of the list, email to the mailing list. everyone on the mailing list will receive the email. When the recipient replies, the reply goes to all members of the list.