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Does your brochure website need more hits?


What websites do you visit most often? I'll bet it's for sites that you can "use". You go to Google Maps to get directions, to Facebook and Twitter to communicate with your friends and followers, to Amazon to buy something. You probably also go to several news sites like CNN, the Huffington Post, or the Wall Street Journal websites to read general news content and you probably go to some specialty sites for business or personal reasons. For example, maybe you read the Car and Driver blog for car news or the Motley Fool for investing news. Probably the last thing you do is to go to a site that just lists its services. These are sometimes referred to as "brochure sites".

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If your site is a "brochure site" , it certainly fills a need for your company, It tells the world that your are "open for business" and gives people who already know about your business a lot of valuable information about what you offer and how to contact you. The problem for "brochure sites" is that they don't generally get a lot of visitors. If you are monitoring this type of site with Google Analytics, you are probably pretty disappointed in the lack of visitors and may wonder if your investment in the site was worth the time and money.

There is an opportunity to increase your site traffic and find new customers by adding content pages, usually a blog, that will demonstrate the expertise and knowledge of you and your employees and the value of your company to meet the customer's needs. When you give it some thought, you do have a lot of knowledge about your service that would be of value to others.

Web users can find your blog through Google searches and they don't have to look specifically for your company to read your content.

Even better is to give your users something they can interact with. A real estate company might provide a mortgage calculator and an investment company might create an investment savings calculator. An environmental site might give you an energy footprint calculator.

Websites that provide valuable lists of resources are always the target of searches. For example, a list of "best" almost anything - of course, related to your business.